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St. George fighting the Dragon

This manuscript has been dated to ca. 1405. The scribe Johannes Parvus signed his name on f. 206v.

This miniature begins the Suffrage to St. George of Cappadocia. It shows the saint slaying the dragon who had terrorized the city of Silene in the province of Libya. According to legend, St. George wounded the dragon before it could devour the king's daughter who had been given to the dragon in order to appease it. Afterwords, St. George converted the city's inhabitants. This miniature shows George stabbing the dragon as the princess looks on from the castle. This miniature was painted by the Luçon Master, one of the finest painters working in France in the beginning of the fifteenth century. His work is a prime example of the International Style, a style associated with courtly European culture at this time.

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